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Our free online tool can help you change case between lower case to uppercase and vice versa from upper case to lowercase.

Upper case is another term used for CAPITAL LETTERS while the lower case is another term describing SMALL letters.

The importance of different text cases may vary from case to case. For example for any official email writing using all capital letters may be used a showing warning or the reader may take it in strong context.

Examples of lower case sentence

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What is uppercase?

UPPERCASE is a noun, which is widely used as UPPER CASE while its modified version is upper-case. While it has other meaning specific to a variety of industry which has been converted in this post.


Uppercase meaning | dictionary meaning of uppercase (definition of uppercase)

Uppercase is a type case which contains all capital letters. This is also referred to as ALL CAPS letters. In short, upper-case is a typeface of CAPITAL or uppercase letters

Example of uppercase as a noun – There are various companies that have their logo as upper-case.


Use of upper case (capitalized letters) in ACRONYM:

Usually, all acronyms are written in UPPERCASE. For example USB, SWOT, SMS, SMTP, POP, USA, etc.


Etymology (origin), usage, and trend of the upper case:

Letter case is the different form of writing alphabets in various languages. In English, language historically only two-letter cases (two terms) are being used which are small cases and capital letters. During 1990-2000, when the internet and computer era was flourishing, the term uppercase (upper-case) evolved and became popular. However, towards the end of 2010, the popularity of this terminology dipped down a bit.


How to use uppercase and lowercase in the computer?

While typing on the keyword one can use shift key to convert small letters to uppercase letters. Shift key can help if a person is required to type only a few uppercase characters while to type a long uppercase word or uppercase sentence, it is more convenient to use caps lock key to change the case (change type form) from one case to uppercase or wise versa.


Uppercase definition for beginners of English language alphabets

Uppercase are capital letters like A, B, C, K, J, Z etc while in contrast to it lowercase characters are a, b, d, k, j, z


Do we have uppercase cursive letters?

Yes, in cursive writing as well there are uppercase and lowercase. Please see the examples below for more details


another example that shows lowercase cursive letters.

Important Tip:

Never use all upper case letters when you are writing an official letter or doing a formal communication, especially while replying to anyone. This is because it is similar to shouting someone or written with aggression.

You may use uppercase for some letters or WORDS of a good write however it should be done wisely.

Other common terms where uppercase is used

  1. The uppercase magazine is a Canada based English magazine which is published by Janine Vangool.

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