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Don't worry about caps and case while typing. Our case converter will help you convert case online as per you wish.

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Sentence Case letter: This is the most neutral and commonly used case of writing as per the English grammar. To convert any text into sentence case three important points are required to bear in mind which are listed below:

  1. The first letter of each sentence (first word of any sentence) is CAPITALIZED
  2. Proper nouns, special names, abbreviations, Name of Place and other special words are also required to have the first letter as upper case
  3. Everything else is written in the lower case

Example of Sentence Case

Our English teacher moved to Australia when he was young.

Using this online free tool you can convert case to Sentence Case easily – just one click and it’s done!

Case Converters: These are easy to use tools which help us to convert text from one case to another case. The input text may be in any out of the below forms:

  1. Sentence Case
  2. Title Case
  3. Upper Case
  4. Lower Case

To use our online free case converter, you do not require any technical knowledge. Just follow the simple steps below and enjoy the text case conversion:

  • Type or copy-paste the text in the above big text box. This is the input text which you want to the converter into various forms
  • Now press the button in which you want your input text to be converted
  • That's it, enjoy the converted text as per your desire.

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