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Don't worry about caps and case while typing. Our case converter will help you convert case online as per you wish.

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Our free online tool can help you change case between lower case to uppercase and vice versa from upper case to lowercase.

If we write any text using ONLY CAPITAL LETTERS then it is called an upper case. In another way, the upper case is another name of CAPITAL case letters.

The importance of different text cases may vary from case to case. For example for any official email writing using all capital letters may be used a showing warning or the reader may take it in strong context.

Examples of UPPER case sentence


Get help from our online text conversion tool and use other tools as well.

Title case converter

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As the name suggests one can easily interpret that it’s a tool that is used to convert the text from any other text case to Title Case letters. Is it that simple – Answer is a BIG ‘NO’ in CAPITAL LETTERS! because there are a lot of background things that should be kept in mind to understand it completely.

In this article, we will take you through the nuance of Title Case converter, but before we start if you don’t want to go into technical details and just want to use title case converter online, then scroll up and use our Convert Text Case to change case from any case to your desired output.

Transform to Title Case - Table of Content:

Below is a list of topics that we will cover in this article.

  • How to convert content to title case using Convert Text Case?
  • What is the text case converter?
  • What is title case conversion?
  • What should not be capitalized while converting title case letters?
  • What should always be capitalized while converting content to title case words?
  • List of words not capitalized in titles
  • Importance of Title in Webpages SEO, code snippet of how to add a title to any webpage
  • How to convert text from lowercase to title case in Microsoft Word?
  • How to convert text to title case in Excel?
  • Title Case Conversion in c# using ToTitleCase() Method
  • Limitations of using this tool

How to convert content to Title Case using Convert Text Case

The use of this free online tool is pretty simple and handy. No technical knowledge (technical-background) is required to use this tool. You can easily convert text between different cases to title case like

  1. Upper Case to Title Case
  2. Lower Case to TitleCase
  3. Sentence Case to titlecase
  4. Alternate case to title case
  5. Camel case to title case

Follow the below 3 quick steps to change letter cases:

  • Type the text of your choice which you want to convert. If you have your text already handy (written) somewhere then you can directly copy and paste the text in the big text box on the top of this page.
  • Click the button of your desired output – for example, click 'Title Case' button to convert the entered content to Title Case
  • The final output will be updated in the same text box very swiftly. You can copy the text and use it anywhere.

What is text case converter?

Text case converters are specialized tools that can convert letters/words from one case to another. Usually, it's very typical to track the case, while typing on the keyboard, especially on the mobile phone. As per the grammar, the place where the text is being used, the case of each letter plays an important role.

A lot of online case converter tools are available on the web. Some of them are free and some of them are paid. Our Convert Text Case tool is absolutely free and will remain free forever. Another advantage of our Title case converter is that it is mobile friendly and it is one of the quickest online case converters.

You can also use an existing offline tool on your PC or mobile. For example Microsoft Word. Later, in this blog, you will get to know about how to make title case from any text in word and excel.

What is title case conversion?

Conversion from any other type form to Title Case is called title case conversion. For example, if we convert uppercase text to title case or sentence case to titlecase then it’s an example of Title Case Conversion.

Title case refers to the conversion of text into a format where the first letter of each word is capitalized (upper case letter), everything else is kept in lowercase. Grammatically – First letter of important (principal) words of any sentence. There are some exceptions which are explained in the next two topics

using sentence case for titles, headings, and headlines

Example of Lower Case Sentence

Using Sentence Case for Titles, Headings, and Headlines

Example of Title Case Sentence

Heading of movies, names of books and novels, blog-Article Names, Conference names, Global summit names are usually written in Title Case.

What should not be capitalized while converting title case letters?

Grammatically, for Articles, conjunctions, and prepositions, the first letter is not capitalized in Title Case Conversion. See the explanation below:

  • Article (English Grammar): If any article is not at the beginning of any sentence then while converting it to title case, it is kept as lowercase. If the sentence starts with any of the article then it should be capitalized
  • Conjunctions: Conjunctions are words that join two or more sentences to form a proper meaning. For example and, but, for, etc. Conjunctions are also exceptions where the first letter is not capitalized while converting it to title case
  • Prepositions: The first letter is also not capitalized for all prepositions while converting the entire text into the title case.

Quick Tip: Some conversions like APA Style capitalize any word with more than 3 letters while various other publishing houses capitalize any word with more than 4 letters. This means even if there is any word that falls under the category of above 3 exceptions of Title/Heading Writing, the first letter will be capitalized.

New York times – usually follow title case for the heading.

What should always be capitalized while converting content to title case words?

  • First and the last word of any heading or text is always kept as title case (the first letter is capitalized of these words)
  • All nouns, adverbs, verbs, adjectives, subroutines, etc, are kept as title case (the first letter of these words is capitalized)
  • All acronym is kept as an upper case like USB, USA, LAN, UN etc.

List of words not capitalized in titles

Below are some commonly used words which should not be capitalized while used in title or heading:

as if
as long as
even if
if only
now that
on top of
out of
so that

Importance of Title in Webpages SEO, code snippet of how to add title to any webpage.

Superb – here comes the most critical question. Why Title is important for web pages?

HTML code snippet how to add title to any webpage

For normal website users or readers of any blog post/article, if the title is not suitable or engaging then the entire page/blog/article may lose its importance. The summary of the entire content should be reflected in the title of any post. Neither should it be very long nor very small. Sometimes using EYE catching words may increase the readership of any article.

Importance of Title In SEO – Get discovered by bots of search engines

The title is very important for any webpage because this is one of the key parameters which search engine like,, consider, while ranking webpages in search. If Title is not framed properly then the webpage may not be indexed in the majority of search engines.

Once the keyword research is done, It’s good to include relevant keywords in the head (title tag) of the web-page. This can increase the SEO (search engine optimization) ranking.


How to convert text from lowercase to title case in Microsoft word

Microsoft word also has an inbuilt feature to convert case of any content written in any case. 4 Simple steps to convert text to Title Case in Word:

  1. Select the text you want to convert into title case
  2. Under the Home tab – there is an option of "Change Case" (Aa) icon.
  3. Select the dropdown next to Aa icon
  4. Select Capitalize each Word option and done. Your text is converted to Title Case.

Please see the below figure for more details:

lowercase to title case in Microsoft word

Advantage of using title case converter in Microsoft Word –

  1. Microsoft word case converter can be accessed offline
  2. Need not to use any external software to change the case of text
  3. Easily available – Microsoft word is used by the majority of the population across the globe
  4. Hot Key – One can convert text to any form like lower case, upper case, title case, sentence case, camel case, pascal case, etc using a shortcut key. It helps faster execution

How to convert text to title case in Excel?

Are you tired of using Title case converter online, don’t worry we have another way to convert the text in excel via proper function. Like other utility software, Microsoft Excel also features Functions, which are predefined formulas that can perform a certain calculation, which accepts input in a template format. Excel is one of the best title capitalization converters.

Excel Proper function can be used to convert text to title case. This is very quick and simple to use. Below are some advantages:

  1. It can be applied to hundreds of thousands of rows
  2. Can be applied to tabular data
  3. Can be applied to any specified column out of a table
  4. Works offline
  5. Using Macro – short key (hotkey) can be assigned to change case to title case
  6. The best offline alternative to Title case converter online

Please see the below figure for more information – how to use the proper formula in excel to change case:

convert text to title case in excel

Title Case Conversion in c# using ToTitleCase() Method

If the above options do not work for you and looking for Title case converter c# or maybe (VB), please continue reading – we will let you know how to convert text to title case in C# programming language using ToTitleCase method.

To convert text in title case in c# we would require two classes –

  1. CultureInfo Class
  2. TextInfo Class

There is no direct method called ToTitleCase(). It is a method of TextInfo Class. You can make use of this call and this method to convert text to Title case in code behind of c# webpage.

Please see the below example code for your reference.

using System;

using System.Globalization;

public class SamplesTextInfo {

public static void Main(){

 // Defines the string with mixed casing.

string myString = "BeSt onLine tOol to coNvert teXt in title case iN c#";

// Creates a TextInfo based on the "en-US" culture.

TextInfo myTI = new CultureInfo("en-US",false).TextInfo;

// Changes a string to titlecase.

Console.WriteLine( "\"{0}\" to titlecase: {1}", myString, myTI.ToTitleCase( myString ) );




This code produces the following output.

"BeSt onLine tOol to coNvert teXt in title case iN c#" to titlecase: Best Online Tool To Convert Text In Title Case In C#


We hope the above information about online case converters would help you and if you still have query then please write us to We would be happy to help you.

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