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Best tool for twitter and snapchat! Count words, characters, spaces in the text. Free word/character count tool for journalists, students, writers, researchers.

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Word Counter:

World's best word counter which can count words in the input text. This free online word count tool can count below parameters:

  1. Word Count: Word are very important element of the any language (speech or writing). Each word has a unique meaning and is listed in the standards of any language (Grammer of language). The number of words plays a significant role in today's world for example Precis writing, essay writing, content writing has its own requirement for number of words in a text/paragraph or passage.

    With the help of our "word count online tool" you can count how many words are there in your text. This is the world's best word counter tool, which can show the number of words as you type the text. Lets check out the example below:

    Example Sentence to count number of words: Our free online tools can tell you word count in the text!

    Word Count in the above sentence: 12 Words

  2. Black Spaces: Visually space ( ) is just a blank area between words in the sentences however grammatically spaces are one the most important characters. It is used in almost every language of the world and writing is incomplete without space character. Use of space may vary from language to language however in the majority of writing it is used to separate two elements (characters, words, sentences) of any text/writing/language.

    Various codes for SPACE characters:
    • ASCII for SPACE character: 32
    • SPACE character can be encoded in HTML as:  
    • Code for SPACE character in web URL (web address): %20
    • Unicode for SPACE character: U+0020

Character Count (Number of letters or alphabets):

Smallest unit (the primitive unit) of any language or text are characters. Characters are also referred to as alphabets or letters in the English grammar. Each letter (alphabet), punctuation mark (symbol), conjunction, special character, or anything else is actually a character. Different languages have their own character set and rules.

Alphabets and letters may vary from region to region however the count of characters plays a vital role in today's world. Many social media websites have a limitation of maximum allowed characters. Count of characters is particularly important for journalists, students, writers, researchers.

Ph.D. scholars are required to follow certain limitations for words and letters in their research paper hence this letter & word count tool can help them a lot. Count of Space is something which is included by some organization however others usually exculde the count of space. This online character counter tool counts character in both the way - including space and without space character

  1. Characters with Spaces This option shows the count of characters in the text or paragraph inclusive of the blank spaces
  2. Characters without Spaces This option shows the count of characters in the text or paragraph without of the blank spaces

    Example Sentence to count number of letters: World's best free, online tool to count letters and alphabets in the text!

    Character Count in the above sentence (with space): 74 Characters with space

    Character Count in the above sentence (without space or not blank space): 62 Characters with space

Remove Formatting - get plain/clear text
Many times while copying text, the source formatting also gets copied, which cannot be pasted directly.

Use our free online text converter to get clear text without formatting. This text case converter has the below features:

  1. Remove Formatting
  2. Strip special symbols
  3. Remove Extra Space
Strip HTML (Remove HTML TAGS)
Online Notepad | Remove text formatting
Use our free online notepad tool to remove formatting and special characters. You can also store the notes/text to access it later. Below are some basic feature of our free online note pad:

  1. Simple to use
  2. Remove color and size format from your text
  3. Save text directly in the browser, access it later!
  4. Quick access to the notepad! No need to create account
Access online notepad
Strike Out / Strikethrough (Example TEXT)
With the help of our convert case tools, its preety simple to put a line in the middle of your text often referred to as Strike Out or Strikethrough. Still confused not a problem, please see the example below to know about Strikethrough case:


Bob is my best friend!

Strike Out:

Bob is my best friend!
Strikethrough text (Crossed Out Text)
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Backlinks are a very important and powerful tool for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This can largely impact the ranking in the search. We have made it simpler for you.

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What is UPPERCASE text (upper case)?
UPPERCASE text contains Capital letters. Any text which is converted to UPPER CASE do not contain any small letter.

ASCII Code for UPPERCASE LETTERS: Technically, the range for UPPER CASE alphabets (a to z) varies between 65 to 90. It means ASCII code for uppercase letter 'A' is 65 while code for uppercase letter 'Z' is 90.
What is lowercase text (lower case)?
lowercase text contains small letters. Any text which is converted to lowercase do not contain any UPPERCASE letter.

ASCII Code for lowercase letters: Technically, the range for lower case alphabets (a to z) varies between 97 to 122. It means ASCII code for uppercase letter 'a' is 97 while code for uppercase letter 'z' is 122.